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Walter Ego

Digital Design

Walter Ego: 10,000 unique digital collectables that sold out in less than 24h exclusively with Open3. Ownership of a Walter Ego gives the holder exclusive and early access to upcoming exhibitions and works of art.

About Walter Ego

Walter Ego is a human of many faces. Walter Ego likes to dress up. Walter Ego has many different alter egos. Walter Ego doesn't understand tags, he simply is. We are all Walter Ego. We are WE.

Walter #647

A new landmark was reached in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on August 25th, 2022, as a 10,000-piece collection of generative art pieces sold out in under 24 hours. The NFT collection, created by Palito Dominguin and sold exclusively with Open3, was launched globally at 6pm PST and by 6pm PST the next day, every single piece had been purchased and Walter Ego broke into the OpenSea Top 100 charts. This is the first time a single Spanish creator has entered OpenSea's top 100 chart.

The collection, which was featured in Vanity Fair, was created using cutting-edge generative algorithms, which allowed each piece to be unique and one-of-a-kind. The use of algorithms in the creation of NFTs has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing artists to explore new and exciting avenues in digital art.

Walter Ego in OpenSea

The pieces in the 10,000-piece collection each had a starting price of 0.01 ETH, with the final sale prices of some pieces reaching as high as 0.5 ETH. This remarkable achievement highlights the increasing demand for unique and original digital art, and the growing recognition of the value of NFTs.

The success of the 10,000 piece collection has drawn the attention of art collectors and investors around the world, who are now seeking out other opportunities to invest in Palito's NFTs and physical artworks. The rapid sell-out of the collection also shows the power of the blockchain technology that underlies NFTs, as each piece is verified and secured on a public ledger, ensuring its authenticity and ownership.

The 10,000-piece generative NFT collection is a testament to the growing popularity and value of NFTs in the world of digital art and Palito's unique draw. With the increasing demand for unique and original pieces, we can expect to see more and more impressive NFT collections and physical exhibitions in the coming years.

If you want to find your own Walter Ego and unlock exclusive and early content to upcoming works and exhibitions, click this link and find a Walter that suits you!

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